Military Insurance

Saturday Financial are expert financial advisers who provide the best tailored insurance quotes to military personnel, whether you are an infantry soldier, RAF, or Navy. We differentiate from other Military insurance providers by giving you access to the whole of the insurance market, not just one or two companies. We will do our upmost to source you the best insurance policy for your circumstances. For example, protecting a mortgage or the income of the main bread winner. We will provide you and your families with peace of mind that in event of death, you will not have to worry about the financial burden that comes with it. We offer a range of different insurances such as, Life insurance, Critical illness insurance, Income protection, Family income benefit and Kit & Contents.

Life Insurance

We want to make it easy for you to access the best life insurance available to you. We do this by looking at the whole market and doing the required work for you. Life insurance will provide your family or selected person(s) with financial security in the event of your death. Life insurance can be paid in either a lump sum payment or alternatively a consistent income, usually paid each month. We can provide life insurance to those over 18. Life insurance is commonly used for mortgage protection (your mortgage would be paid off in the event of your death) or family protection (your family would receive money to be able to buy a house, pay off current bills, or do whatever they see fit). We can arrange policies with various terms (the amount of time the insurance policy is active) and with various levels of cover (the amount of money you can receive from the insurance policy). It is also good to know that we put all our policies in trust, free of charge. This simply means that in the event of your death there is no inheritance tax taken from your pay out.

Critical illness cover

Critical illness cover is there to protect you and your family if you get a critical illness covered by the insurer. The main 3 and most common of these critical conditions are Cancer, Heart attack and Stroke. However, insurance companies cover a wide range of illnesses that go far beyond the 3 main ones. Critical illness cover will give you peace of mind by paying out a cash lump if you were to get diagnosed with a critical illness. Most insurance providers also provide Children’s critical illness cover FREE of charge, which means you are getting fantastic cover for the whole of the family. Critical illness cover will aid you financially by helping to pay the rest of a mortgage, cover bills and help you keep up with the expenses of life.

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